The Basecamp International domain portfolio represents a myriad of geographic locations around the globe. All our domains are top quality, keyword .com's - the most saught after url's on the net for the region or city they represent. And most are available for sale, lease, or partnering agreements with qualified buyers and entrepreneurs.

Do you live in one of the cities or areas listed on this page? If so, why not develop one of our premium domains as you see fit, using Basecamp International as a referring network and homebase?

Learn more about the stats and details of each domain and the portfolio as a whole, here.

Individual domains, groups of domains, or the entire portfolio as one unit that you see on this and the homepage, are open to mutually beneficial business partnerships and relationships, with an emphasis on finding and working with those living or interested in one of these areas they represent. Note that these opportunities go far beyond simple advertising opportunities for locals.

If you are a creative entrepreneur interested in finding out more, E-mail us your thoughts and inquiries.

References from those currently benefitting from our domains, or about our business etiquette and history, available upon request.