Image Copyright Notes for Basecamp International Websites:

Basecamp International is constantly seeking royalty free images of people, activities, structures, animals, etc, for the cities, regions, & provinces of our Geodomain network for use on our webpages.

We often begin our search for such images using Google "Images" as a source. When we find something we'd like to use, we make a concerted effort to contact the person or organization we deem to be the legal owner and ask them for their permissions and good will.

If we don't hear from them in due time, we sometimes will utilize an image and link them while we wait to hear from them...

Our intentions are true and we strive to work within all the image owners legal rights as we give them fair credit. We are not interested in infringing on anybody's copyrights.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or comments about any images used on any of our websites, (and specify in your email which website and which particular photo in question), or if you can help us with sourcing some good new ones.

Thank you,

Basecamp International